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by Victoria Stafford


I'm the Early Years Professional here at Wellies, sharing with you some of the hot topics that our families duscuss.

By Victoria Stafford, Sep 4 2016 10:14PM

Transition into school can be scary for both you and your child. It’s a big change, a new environment, with new people. At Wellies we start transition in April supporting our children to become familiar with the idea of starting school. We have photo books from all the local schools and uniform to try on, this all forms the basis for lots of conversations about their move. We ensure that all teachers have been to the setting to meet the children in an environment where they feel comfortable, supporting that early relationship. Your child’s key person will share their knowledge of your child’s learning and development, ensuring their school teacher have this understanding too.

Be positive, children are very in tune with their parent’s emotions and are yet to understand the complex emotions of adults around them. Tears mean sad when your 4 years old. You won’t be the only parent to feel this way. So wave them off with a big smile!

Engage with the school and teachers, research suggests that children with families that have a positive relationship with their teachers and school, feel more secure. Find out what’s been happening at school and talk to your child about their day, show an interest, this helps your child to feel valued and supports their learning in the future.

Support your children to be as independent as possible, this will help your child feel in control in a world they are learning about. Developing their self-help skills, practising doing up their own coat, putting on their shoes and taking off their jumper. Also encourage your child to ask for help when they need it, this is an important life skill, recognising when you need help.

Some children will settle well and then may become upset as they realise they will be going to school every day.

Being school ready means having the skills to become life ready, independence, confidence, kindness and being able to communicate your needs.

Play is the most important and affective way to learn, children need to move their bodies and be active this helps them to develop their physical skills.

A good sleep routine is very important especially at this time of transition. Being tired can have a very negative impact on children’s wellbeing and ability to learn. At Wellies we support the work of The Children’s Sleep Charity, which promotes a good night’s sleep. As an early years practitioner we are able to tell which children are getting enough sleep and which are not, sleep affects children’s ability to concentrate and learn. Children aged 4 - 5 years old need 11 - 11.5 hours of sleep, each night.

Above all, celebrate and enjoy the experience, it’s an important milestone for you all.

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